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Reverse Capital Investment

RLBC Capital’s unique and robust investment model “Reverse Capital Investment” addresses a key factor and that is the question of how profits are being generated in order to deliver to investors their capital investment and promised returns.

For any investment that involves the funding of a property development in which the developer does not go through the traditional channel of acquiring bank financing for the construction of the asset, the sales of the project has to materialize inorder for the developer to exit the investors with regards to their capital investment as well as the delivery of the promised returns for funding the developer over a period of time.

The sales of the project allow the developer to receive revenue from the end-user (buyer) or the bank if a mortgage loan has been secured by the end-user.

In our Reverse Capital Investment model, the sale of our properties is first secured via our exclusive “Refer-to-Own” Program. As such, investors can be assured that the company will be able to deliver the promised returns as well as their investment capital and at the same time having their investment capital backed and assured by real physical assets which is also an additional layer of assurance not provided by many.

Lastly, investors would be glad to know that through your involvement in our Reverse Capital Investment model, you will be helping many Filipinos around the world to have a property investment portfolio that they can call as their own.


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Twin ‘R’ Investment Model (T.R.I.M.)

With the implementation of the T.R.I.M. system that consist of “Reverse Capital Investment” and “Refer-to-Own Program”, the company is able to successfully address the most crucial part of any investment model, which is the generation of profits. This is essential as it determines the exit and realization of our client’s investment.

The project is divided into different phases of sales through the R.T.O. Program, which has now gained global presence along with some of the key cities in the Philippines. The R.T.O. program adopts a reward-based system that rewards Filipino investors for every client referred to the company. This system allows the company to greatly reduce the marketing costs of the project while still achieving the sales required. As such, the company is simply rewarding the Filipino investors via the cost savings achieved from our marketing, which is kept at a minimal due to the success of the program.