Key Initiatives

Investor GuideRCIKI


RCFicon250X250Reverse Capital Investment (RCI)

Unique and exclusive to RLBC Capital, this investment model allows our clients to invest knowing that we have already generated the profits from the sales of the properties. This essentially eliminates most of the uncertainties as compared with other conventional capital investments and increases the assurance of our client’s investment.


PAMicon250X250 Property & Asset Management

Our Philippine based company; RBG Philippines Inc. offers full fledge property management services for residential and commercial properties in the Philippines. Our expertise and personalized techniques of managing your property guarantees the maximum return for your investment, while maintaining your property at the highest standards to attract the best tenants possible.


RTOicon250X250Refer-To-Own Program (RTO)

A program customized to help Filipinos, especially Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) around the world to own a property as an investment and ultimately accumulate wealth for themselves, their family and loved ones. This is a simple yet profound business model that every Filipino can practice and apply regardless of their educational level and profession.

Other Services

The company organizes a 3-days guided tour around the key master planning sites and property investment hotspots in Manila, Philippines. Each investor will have the chance to see the current developments in the country and experience the hospitality of the Filipinos.